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Thank you for coming along on the ride.I hope that as I pick a little, and put my pencil to paper, I can put just a little melody into that symphony that our great state has been composing for generations.

Upcoming Shows

Kerrville Concert in the Park Series (7pm)Kerrville, TX
Longhorn Cellars (1pm)Fredericksburg, TX
Hye Cider Songwriter Competition (5pm)Hye, TX
Hondo’s on Main (7pm)Fredericksburg, TX
Silver Creek (Every Monday) (Noon-3pm)Fredericksburg, TX
Songwriter Showcase-The Buck FM 103.7 (5pm)Kerrville, TX
William Chris Vineyards (1pm)Hye, TX
Pint & Plow CD Release Party (6pm)Kerrville, TX
Silver Creek (Every Monday) (Noon-3pm)Fredericksburg, TX

Will You Ever Hear a Brent Ryan “Protest Song”?

Posted on September 13, 2019 in americana, country music, history, music, Music Business, Musical Events, Musical Inspiration, Opinions, Stories Behind Songs

I'll tell you as a disclaimer right now that I vowed to myself that in my musical career I would never get political.  My reasoning is twofold. One, I don't ever want to isolate a valuable part of my fan-base. Secondly, I never want to boost my own ego to think that I know more about right and wrong simply because I'm a musician with a microphone. To me that seems manipulative in the same way that cult leaders are manipulative.  Being given a stage is a dangerous responsibility, and I try to protect myself from letting it get to my head.  Why is my political perspective any better than anybody else's? Let me assure you right now that it is not. Don't ever let me fool you into thinking otherwise.Continue Reading…

A Little Brent Ryan Musical History

Posted on August 15, 2019 in country music, history, music, Music Business, Musical Inspiration, Opinions, Stories Behind Songs

Let's have a little fun. I really don't know if have a "sound". In the musician world we talk about finding "your sound", some elusive part of your soul that has to be opened up through a variety of spiritual musical experiences and suddenly you've found your place among the spinning planets in perfect harmony with all of creation. Is there a Brent Ryan Sound? I don't tell me.Continue Reading…

Is Kentucky the New Texas?

Posted on July 27, 2019 in americana, country music, history, music, Music Business, Musical Inspiration, Opinions

Perhaps I do write this post to poke at my fellow Texans a little bit. But I do it out of love. Why? Because I want Texas to continue to generate and value unique off-the-grid music. Alongside the exploding Texas music scene comes money. And when money gets big, a gold-rush of money chasers follow suit.  When that happens, the sincerity of organic songwriters with a unique voice can get left behind, lost in the crowd of screaming college kids that worship a supposed unique "Texas Country" performer who is really only regenerating a 1990's sound, and brag about how rebellious it all is simply because it isn't Nashville.  Continue Reading…

Brent Ryan

About Brent Ryan

I offer you my music. and a happy toast to the song. I hope you can get bright-eyed and sing along, or close your eyes and reminisce. I hope your heavy heart becomes a little more lifted, and your wandering mind a little more settled. Enjoy the song.

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