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Thank you for coming along on the ride.I hope that as I pick a little, and put my pencil to paper, I can put just a little melody into that symphony that our great state has been composing for generations.

Upcoming Shows

William Chris Winery (12:30pm)Fredericksburg, TX
Silver Creek Bar & Grill (Noon-3pm)Fredericksburg, TX
Western Edge Cellars (7pm)Fredericksburg, TX
Silver Creek Bar & Grill (6pm)Fredericksburg, TX
Hye Meadow Winery (1pm)Hye, TX
Workweek Kickoff at Silver Creek (Noon-3pm)Fredericksburg, TX
Silver Creek Bar & Grill (6pm)Fredericksburg, TX

Music Manifesto

Posted on January 12, 2019 in music, Music Business, Musical Events, Musical Inspiration, Opinions, Updates

It would be easy to just assume that my career should follow the path template that is provided by the apparent successful in my industry.  But I think that blind following of another person's path is what leads some of us to achieve all of the markers of success, only to find ourselves depressed and empty inside.Continue Reading…

Nashville, I Thank You For the Suck Country

Posted on December 20, 2018 in music, Music Business, Opinions, Uncategorized

I have done my share of ranting about the modern country being manufactured in the Nashville music industry.  But today, I want to take a little time off from the rant, and I want to say that I'm excited about what is happening in Nashville. Here is why... Continue Reading…

Bankruptcy is Good Business

Posted on October 19, 2018 in music, Music Business, Opinions, Updates

Imagine for a moment that you are the owner of a lucrative retail business and you are hiring a new CFO to manage the financial accounting of your company for the next decade or beyond.  You invite a new young gentleman into your office and sit him in front of your desk. You have heard hype about this new business climber from many of your gazillionaire colleagues. You hear he has great personality and he really knows how to dress right.  You pull this new prospect’s resume’  and give it a glance. You notice that he credits himself with three Chapter Eleven Bankruptcies for past companies that he has managed. Do you look him in the eye and say to him, “Man, you must really know your stuff with all of these failures on your business record! And you certainly have the image we are looking for. When can you start? We would really like to give you a chance at taking our company to the next level!” Would you respond in that way?Continue Reading…

Brent Ryan

About Brent Ryan

I have always been drawn to baseball movies. There is something about the depth of tradition to the game of baseball that brings an almost supernatural element to the sport. That is best exemplified in the movie, The Natural, the story of fictional ballplayer Roy Hobbs who enters in the game all too late in life only to bring magical awe into a dreary team.

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